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UrbanSak is a convenient pouch that wraps around your wrist and has enough space to hold your cell phone, money, coins, credit cards, IDs, and keys among other items.


UrbanSak improves the lives of people who are constantly on the move. Just imagine all of the times we are stuck in places where we have to sustain ourselves with only the things that fit in our pockets: when we go out to the gym, wait at the airport, or participate in outdoor activities.


With this in mind, UrbanSak fills the void and allows you to transport and guard what you need right in front of you. In fact, anyone who has an active lifestyle and needs a practical means of carrying personal essentials can benefit from the utility of UrbanSak.


UrbanSak was designed to stretch so you can wear it like a wristband while holding your belongings like a wallet.

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